Review cycles allow you to group your reviews so as to avoid confusion of what period a review came from (i.e. to easily know if a review was from the 2020 Q1 period or Q3 2017 period).

You can launch one 360 survey and one appraisal per employee per cycle. If you want to start another round of appraisals or 360s, you'll need to create a new review cycle first.

Review cycles are also useful when comparing results with prior results for the same survey.  For more information about survey reports please refer to Understanding 360° feedback survey reports.

Grouping reviews into cycles in Primalogik is also useful for benchmarking/comparison. As a general rule, you can compare the results of one employee's appraisal or 360 against everyone else in the company/team/etc. who was reviewed using the same questionnaire within the same review cycle.

You can also use the benchmarking/comparison tool to see an employee's progress over time. For more information on this, see our article on Score History report.